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Home Networking Annoyances
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This is an easy book to use and will answer many of your network annoyances.
What is a network? Good question for computer user who have more than one computer, or home business. Networking - is a system of intersecting. Two computers hooked up by a single connection in order to share files from one computer to the other. The world wide web is one big network of millions of computers working together towards transmitting data around the world..

How about limiting your network to your house or business. There are many questions to ask yourself first, before actually building your network. Several questions such as do I want my network to be wireless or wired, or to include a printer. Where should a router, hub or switch be used in my network. How can my network be safe from hackers. How come all this hardware is causing me so much grief. This book will help answer all such questions.

I had a problem with a router not letting any data from the internet on to my computer. I went out and bought a second router to find that the same thing would happen. With a few simple instructions I was able to return the second router and had the first router up and running in a matter of minutes.

Help is here. Home Networking Annoyances will ease the headaches and annoyances of anyone who runs a home network. This book tackles all the common annoyances associated with running your network. If you need your network up and running 24/7 this book is for you. "O" and buy your friend a copy and save them a headache.

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